DECEMBER 20, 2014

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Urban poverty in China 

African-led Christianity in Europe

MANI consultation

July 2008
IN THIS ISSUE...The Effect of Migration and the Growing Diaspora on Evangelism Efforts...and Other Issues of Global Interest


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Migration and Evangelism

By Lon Allison
With the world becoming flat, how do churches, which by and large don’t even reach the people most like them, reach the people least like them? Read >>


Migration, Diaspora Communities, and the New Missionary Encounter with Western Society

By Jehu J. Hanciles
In the same way that European migrations from Christianity’s old heartland provided the impetus for the European missionary movement, phenomenal migrations from Christianity’s new heartlands have galvanized a massive non-Western missionary movement. Read >>

African-led Christianity in Europe: Migration and Diaspora Evangelism

By Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu
In African hands, mission and evangelization have truly gone international, and African diaspora Christianity is at the forefront of the new initiatives. Read >>

New Religions, Subjective Life Spiritualities, and the Challenge to Missions in the Post-Christian West

By John Morehead
One of the greatest challenges the Church faces in the modern Western context is the general turn away from interest in and involvement with institutionalized forms of religion, such as Christianity, and the corresponding move toward an inward and subjective expression of spirituality. Read >>

Getting Ready to Receive? German Churches and the “New Mission” from the South

By Claudia Währisch-Oblau
A look at missionary migrant churches in Germany. Read >>


MANI Southern Africa 2008 Consultation: "Working Together to Finish the Task"

By Reuben E. Ezemadu and Dean Carlson
Three hundred African leaders of national, regional, and global influence gathered to discuss the next steps involved in completing the Great Commission. Read >>

From Buddha to Christ: An Interview with Jeab

By Deborah Colby
Jeerakan (Jeab) Duksukgaew, a Thai, discusses what it was like to grow up in a Buddhist family, and how her life has changed since becoming a Christian. Read >>

Audio Bible Ministry Reaches Amazon Tribes

One testimony of how the teaching of God's word orally is transforming villages around the world. Read >>


Global Sporting Events and the Urban Poor

By Glenn Smith
An introduction to those living in poverty in China and the impact of the Olympic Games on their lives. Read >>

Urban Poverty and Urban Slums in China

By Peter Foggin
The author discusses the "floating population" in China and its relation to the hukou system. Read >>

Beijing’s Poor and the 2008 Olympic Games

By Y. Lee
The author shares how countless Chinese urbanites and migrant workers have been displaced by the upcoming Olympics. Read >>

Many Faces of Poverty in China

By Richard and Haruyo Platt
Four faces of poverty in China--and hope on the horizon. Read >>


Lausanne Fifth International Researchers’ Conference Report

By Peter Brierley
Sixty-seven delegates representing every continent attended the 5th International Lausanne Researchers’ Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Read >>


Evangelism in Southern Asia

By Adrian de Visser
The countries in South Asia have the fastest growing churches in the world; they also face some of the strongest, most systematic forms of persecution. Read >>

The People Clusters of Southern Asia

By Justin Long
South Asia is home to seventy-three people group clusters. However, the “major” thirty-nine groups represent 1.3 billion people in southern Asia. Read >>



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