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2004 Forum for World Evangelization: A Perspective on the Papers and Ideas Resulting from the Gathering

By Greg H. Parsons
An in-depth look at the purpose of the 2004 Forum Issue Groups in the context of the Lausanne movement. Read Article >>

Global Missions Health Conference Focuses on Whole Person Missions

By Rebecca Barnes
More than 2,400 students, mission workers, agencies, organization representatives and healthcare professionals attended the 2006 GMHC. Read Article >>

Mission through the Lens of AIDS

By Evvy Campbell
Nearly six hundred delegates attended the mission and AIDS track at Urbana 06. Read Article >>

Traveling the World to See the Movement of Lausanne

By Doug Birdsall
These past few months have been wonderfully productive and encouraging times for the Lausanne movement. I have had the privilege of traveling to several continents to meet with Christian leaders in order to better understand the developments and concerns in various regions of the world. Read Article >>

"Living and Leading like Jesus" Now Available

Book includes the plenary addresses from the 2006 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering. Read Article >>

2004 Forum For World Evangelization: Holistic Mission Issue Group Occasional Paper Overview

By Evvy Campbell
Holistic mission can be defined as "the task of bringing the whole of life under the lordship of Jesus Christ"1 and includes the affirmation that there is no biblical dichotomy between evangelistic and social responsibility. Read Article >>

African-American Mission Leaders Emerge to Impact World Evangelization

Over forty African-American delegates will come together to advance the gospel of Christ throughout the world, continuing the historical pioneering influence in missions among African-Americans. Read Article >>

An Overview of Issues Affecting Evangelization in the United States

By Jim Tebbe
Major changes taking place in North America are affecting how Christians are engaging with those who do not believe and how they are perceiving the mandate to make disciples of all nations. Read Article >>

And the Walls Came Tumbling…

By Elke Werner
Lausanne is working to break down the walls that separate men and women from working together. Read Article >>

Brazilian Delegation Prepares for Cape Town

By C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell
Nearly half of the Brazilian delegates to Cape Town gathered in June 2010 for meetings and prayer for the upcoming Lausanne III Congress. Read Article >>

Cape Town 2010 Update

Leaders from around the world were in Cape Town, South Africa, in October 2008 for a Cape Town 2010 planning meeting. Read Article >>

Changes in Leadership and Venue of the German Lausanne Committee

By Hartmut Barend
The Board of the German Lausanne Movement elected Birgit Winterhoff 14 November 2005 as the new chair of the German Lausanne Committee, also known as the “Coalition for Evangelization.” Read Article >>

Dr. Daniel Bourdanné Named General Secretary of the International Executive Committee of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students

Read Article >>

Eighth Annual Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism Conference

By Tuvya Zaretsky
Members of the LCJE recently met to encourage and equip each other to better share the gospel with Jewish people around the world. Read Article >>

Ephesians Expositors Meet in Cairo

By Lindsay Olesberg
Cape Town 2010 expositors team spends fifteen hours working through Ephesians as it relates to the global evangelical Church. Read Article >>

Ephesians Study Plan Leading Up to Cape Town 2010

A plan for praying through and studying the book of Ephesians leading up to Cape Town 2010. Read Article >>

Ethnê06 . . . Launching A Global Prayer and Strategy Initiative Focused on the Least Reached Peoples

By S. Kent Parks
Ethnê06 is a global gathering of people, churches and organizations focused on ministering to Unreached People Groups (UPGs). Read Article >>

Eurasian Lausanne Consultation

By Marina Stetsenko
Practicing evangelists, missiologists, church leaders, theologians, business leaders, and media representatives from Ukraine and Eurasia met in Kiev to discuss how to best reach people for Christ. Read Article >>

Eurasian Lausanne Consultation for Younger Leaders

By Marina Stetsenko
214 participants from Eurasia meet to discuss missions and evangelism. Read Article >>

Europe Today

By Ksenija Sabo
Delegates of twenty-two countries took part in Hope for Europe’s Women in Leadership conference in Slovakia. Read Article >>

Evangelism in Southern Asia

By Adrian de Visser
The countries in South Asia have the fastest growing churches in the world; they also face some of the strongest, most systematic forms of persecution. Read Article >>

From Brokenness to Wholeness: The Vision of the Lausanne Movement

By Linda Gotts
Ministering to the whole person is a foundation of the Lausanne movement. Read Article >>

God Has Moved! An Allegorical Look “Back” at Cape Town 2010

By Kent Humphreys
A look at how God began moving sometime in late 2008 or early 2009 outside of the confines of religious institutions. Read Article >>

God Means Business! Seven Brief Observations on Business as Mission, BAM

By Mats Tunehag
BAM: a seven-point observation. Read Article >>

Himalayan Global Summit 2009

By Charisma Lepcha
250 leaders from the Himalayan Nepali Church and the Nepali Diaspora Church, representing fourteen countries, met in Thailand to discuss what God is doing in the diaspora. Read Article >>

Hope for Europe Women’s Conference in Crikvenica, Croatia

By Elke Werner
Seventy women from twenty European countries recently met in Croatia to celebrate the hope they have in Jesus Christ to transform Europe. Read Article >>

Iconoclasm: An Integral Part of the Church’s Mission of Reconciliation?

By Nanci Hogan
An individual and his or her community's view of God informs his or her theology and practice of justice and reconciliation ministry. Read Article >>

Lausanne Appoints New Senior Associate for Stewardship

Dr. Stan Toler named Lausanne senior associate for stewardship. Read Article >>

Lausanne Consultation Explores Role of Christian Counseling in World Mission

By Bradford M. Smith
Nineteen Christian caregivers from the fields of counseling, pastoral ministry, psychology, psychiatry, social work, and theology met in Mexico City to explore the future role of Christian counseling in global evangelism. Read Article >>

Lausanne III: Cape Town 2010 International Congress on World Evangelization

The Third International Lausanne Congress will be held 16-25 October 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa. Read Article >>

Lausanne Issue Group on Religious and Non-Religious Spirituality Set to Meet in Hong Kong

By John Morehead
One Lausanne group continues to address the often-neglected missional challenge of new religious movements, alternative religions and emerging spiritualities in the Western world. They are set to meet in Hong Kong in October 2006. Read Article >>

Lausanne Movement/MANI Southern Africa Younger Leaders Meeting in Johannesburg

By Grace Samson
Thirty young leaders from different areas of ministry and work in Southern Africa attended the first-of-its-kind younger leaders meeting. Read Article >>

Lausanne Regional Gathering in Abuja, Nigeria: The African Church Prepares for 2010

African church leaders identify the most critical issues facing the African Church over the next five years and explore ways of making Cape Town 2010: The Third Lausanne Congress as effective as possible. Read Article >>

Lausanne Regional Reports: An Overview

By Lindsay Brown and Naomi Frizzell
This year, LWP will offer a series of articles from Lausanne’s twelve International Deputy Directors that will provide a closer look at each region of the world. Read Article >>

Lausanne South Pacific Region

By Daniel Willis
Church attendance in the South Pacific is decreasing, while interest in other major religions is growing markedly. However, mass evangelism is alive and well in this area of the world! Read Article >>

Lausanne Women's Network Letter

The Forum on World Evangelization hosted by Lausanne in Thailand at the end of 2004 seems like a long time ago, but the memory of 1,500 people from 130 countries all working on particular issues related to obstacles and opportunities for the gospel still lingers. Read Article >>

Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering 2006: Through the Eyes of a Younger Leader

By Michael Oh
Over 550 younger leaders from 112 nations gathered for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Malaysia 24 September to 1 October 2006. Read Article >>

Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Tomasov, Poland

By Rike Huettmann and Andy Goodacre
Nearly twenty younger leaders and mentors gathered in Poland earlier this year for the second younger leaders gathering for Europeans. Read Article >>

Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering West Africa Report

By Mark Kolo
Fifteen mentors/speakers and fifty younger leaders recently attended the YLGWA in Nigeria to discuss how to best "live and lead like Jesus." Read Article >>

Learning from Each Other: Using New Tools

By Raphael Anzenberger
The author shares how two innovations used at a Lausanne meeting in 2007 inspired participants at the recent Evangelist Forum in Switzerland. Read Article >>

Make Me a Blessing!

Nearly one hundred women from twenty nations attended the eighth Hope for Europe Women in Leadership conference in Slovakia. Read Article >>

Making Disciples of Oral Learners

Making disciples of oral learners means using communication forms that are familiar within the culture: stories, proverbs, drama, songs, chants and poetry. Read Article >>

Mentoring Young Women Leaders in the Lausanne Women’s Network

By Robyn Claydon
Christian mentoring is an awesome responsibility. Read Article >>

New Lausanne Global Conversation Website Launched

Learn about the pressing issues facing the global Church and help empower other Christians with your experience and insight on these issues. Read Article >>

New Religious Movements and New Spiritualities the Focus of the Lausanne Consultation on Christian Encounter with New Spiritualities

By Ole Skjerbaek Madsen
A follow-up gathering of the Lausanne 2004 Forum Issue Group 16 included analysis and plans in reaching out to individuals involved in New Religious Movements and New Spiritualities. Read Article >>

Partnerships in Evangelism: An Overview of Mission Africa

By Scott Lenning
Mission Africa saw almost 60,000 make commitments to Christ. Read Article >>

Prayer in Evangelism

By Glenda Weldon
"Prayer in Evangelism" Lausanne Occasional Paper provides insight into integrating the two. Read Article >>

Radical Incarnational Ecclesiology as Focus of Lausanne Theology Working Group Consultation

By Sandra S. K. Lee
The conference focused on the demands of radical discipleship and the inherently inseparable ethical dimensions of Christian conversion. Read Article >>

Redeeming the Arts

By Colin Harbinson
The power of the arts to move us, engage us and help us see our faith with fresh eyes is indisputable. Read Article >>

Sixth Asia Lausanne Conference on Evangelism

By David Lim
he Executive Committee of Asia Lausanne invites everyone to the Sixth Asia Lausanne Conference on Evangelism (ALCOE VI). ALCOE VI will be held 22-26 May 2006 at the Legend Villas, Mandaluyong City, MetroManila, Philippines. Read Article >>

Strengthening and Uniting the American Church through Media Outreach

By Jim Overholt
The Mission America Coalition* (MAC, was formed with the vision of “the whole Church taking the whole gospel to the whole nation,” and for many years has carried out that charter as the “behind-the-scenes” organizer of a long series of successful national evangelism initiatives. Read Article >>

Summary Report on Lausanne Theology Working Group

By Chris Wright and Rosalee Velloso Ewell
Twenty-three members of the Lausanne Theology Working Group recently met in Lebanon to discuss what is meant by “the whole world.” Read Article >>

Summary Report: Cape Town 2010 U.S. Participants Meeting, 25-27 January 2010 in Dallas, Texas

By Dave Bennett
Nearly three hundred men and women gathered in Dallas for a foretaste of this October’s Cape Town 2010. Read Article >>

The Countdown Is On!

By Naomi Frizzell
No matter where you are, you have the opportunity to participate in Cape Town 2010. Read Article >>

The European Church Today: Reflections on Her Context

By Gordon Showell-Rogers
Europe today is remarkably similar to how it was when first-century Christians sought to reach their neighbors with the gospel. Read Article >>

The Missionary Game: A Tool for World Missions

By Anders Torvill Bjorvand
Using a game to simulate spreading the gospel, planting churches and providing much needed physical goods. Read Article >>

The Rising Mission Force in French-speaking Africa

By Daniel K. Bourdanné
The future of the Church in the French-speaking world depends mainly upon the French-speaking churches of Africa, which are becoming strong and expressing a remarkable vitality. Read Article >>

Theological Trends in Africa: Implications for Missions and Evangelism

By Gideon Para-Mallam
An outline of both negative and positive trends in the African Church. Read Article >>

Third Lausanne Congress Closes with Ringing Call to Action

A recap of CapeTown2010 and hopes for Lausanne's future. Read Article >>

United Nations Prayer Summit

By John Godson
Nearly 250 delegates from over fifty nations attended the first ever UN Prayer Summit in New York City. Read Article >>

Unlocking the Church’s Potential: Resource Mobilization

By Ram Gidoomal
The newly-established Resource Mobilization Working Group is seeking to help unlock resources for world missions. Read Article >>

WINGS—Women’s International Network in God’s Service

By Elke Werner
Elke Werner has taken over for Robyn Claydon as Lausanne senior associate for women in evangelism. Read Article >>

Women in World Evangelization: More Study Needed

By Sandra S. K. Lee
In-depth study focusing on women in global Christianity, and especially those involved in world missions, is required to take world evangelization to the next level of strategic thinking. Read Article >>

Women Who Can Change the World

By Elke Werner
Women involved in the Lausanne Women's Network recently met for fellowship and prayer in Germany. Read Article >>

Chinese Missions in Africa: Consultation and Action 2008

CCCOWE conference in Kenya to address Chinese missions to Africa. Read Article >>

Engaging in the Digital Age: Harnessing Its Power for Good

By Sandra S. K. Lee
We must learn from our brothers and sisters around the world, particularly those from Pentecostal and Charismatic backgrounds, who are effectively harnessing the power of new technologies. Read Article >>

Lausanne Caribbean

By Las G. Newman
The Caribbean Church is facing challenges related to ministry, evangelism, and discipleship. Read Article >>

New African Enterprise Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa

By John V. Tooke
On Michael Cassidy (the founder of African Enterprise) and the new Centre for Urban Mission and Evangelism in South Africa... Read Article >>

The People Clusters of Southern Asia

By Justin Long
South Asia is home to seventy-three people group clusters. However, the “major” thirty-nine groups represent 1.3 billion people in southern Asia. Read Article >>

The Rising Mission Force in French-speaking Africa (French version)

By Daniel K. Bourdanné
Read Article >>

Where Is the Church in Europe Going?

By Gordon Showell-Rogers
There are three possible futures for evangelicalism in Europe. Read Article >>

Call for Participants for a Lausanne Internet Consultation and a Contact for Non-English Internet Evangelism

Read Article >>

Pan African Christian Women Alliance Leadership Conference

By Grace Samson
Thirty-five women from fifteen countries in Africa attended the 5-day PACWA conference in Nairobi. Read Article >>

Developing Women for Ministry in Southern Africa: PACWA Leadership Development Program

By ESMé Bowers
PACWA seeks to equip women in transforming the African continent. Read Article >>

Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering 2006

By Larry Russell
Younger leaders in evangelism and missions from 107 nations will gather in Malaysia in September. Read Article >>

Do We Need the Younger Leaders Gathering 2006?

Today's younger leaders are facing many challenges; experienced leaders can help. Read Article >>

Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization Joins Largest Global Missions Health Conference with HIV/AIDS Consultation

By Rebecca Barnes
Thousands of healthcare workers, Christian leaders and others prepare for the November event. Read Article >>